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2007-08-04 01:34:59 by Cevo

Ok, for any of you dipwads reading this, thanks, Im gonna actually put up a peice of work soon, not some shitty loop or half done song, -.- I highly doubt anyone is reading this.


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2007-08-05 06:40:55

I'm reading this! Your doubts are wrong! Now read mine and make me feel wanted too.


2007-12-01 13:09:35

When u wrote your review for the movie The Mask and the Monster , u said u werent going to give it any stars because u couldnt understand what was going on in the movie . U also didnt know how that dude was a werewolf or a lycan. Well , here is some advice . Maybe that dude got bit by another werewolf or lycan and now when a full moon shines on him , he will turn into of them. Does that answer your question?